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FASFlüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH

The company FAS, Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH Salzgitter, Germany, was established in 1975 as commercial enterproce for LPG equipment (propane/butane). At the end of the seventiens the safety idea gained more and more acceptance for custormers and users.

Due to the legal rules and regulations FAS extended the product range safety engineering and included a large number of further valves, fittings and equipment into the the delivery program in order to comply with the increased requirements in safety engineering of gas producers, suppliers and distributors.

Over the years new product were developed and constructed by FAS for market niches in order to be able to fulfill the increasing wishes and requirements of the custormers. For this reason it was also necessary to change and to extend the production area in Salzgitter a few times so that now in the new location in Salzgitter / Peiner Straße 217 the possiblity to come up to the actual market situation is given and realized.

FAS possesses of modern and large-scale production facilities with a service workshop and is able to porduce all innovatice FAS-products in highest possible quality and in a reliable manner under observation of the delivery dates.