Central gas supply LPG. Made in Germany

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LPG Vaporizer Dry-Type-Vaporizer, Model ET8.TO

DGRL 2014/68/EU
AD2000, HP 801 No. 25
Certified for Ex-zone 2 

Indirect electric heating system, cylindrical design,
12 - 24 - 32 - 60 - 100 kg/hour

Dry-Type-Vaporizer Model ET8.TO is equipped with an indirect electric heating system operated via a solid aluminium core. Being thermostat-controlled, the heat carrier is heated and monitored within the safety-relevant limit values.

The solenoid valves open after the required evaporation temperature is reached. Liquefied petroleum gas enters the vaporizer, in which it is converted into the gas phase without any pressure fluctuations until the specified rated capacity is reached.

The controller immediately detects fluctuations in the gas flow rate and quickly adjusts the required heating capacity according to the changed operating parameters.

The solenoid valves will close automatically in the event of power failure or overload. An additional safety limiter monitors and prevents an excessive increase in the gas outlet temperature.

Besides, the vaporizer's design and construction guarantee its safe and fully automatic operation within the explosion protection zone 2.