Central gas supply LPG. Made in Germany

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PP-TEC Innovative Flüssiggastechnik

PP-TEC Innovative Flüssiggastechnik is a German manufacturer of equipment for autonomous gas supply systems with its own design-and-engineering service. The Company features the innovative process quality control system, the state of the art production facilities and, which is of specific importance, the highly qualified personnel. All of the foregoing provides for the manufacture of advanced energy-saving equipment for autonomous and standby gas supply systems.

Advantages of PP-TEC Innovative Fluessiggas Technik (Germany)

If the LPG vapour phase consumption exceeds the rate of natural vaporization in a tank, it is necessary to use vaporizers, which, due to electric heating, accelerate the vaporization of liquid phase and guarantee the supply of gas to a consumer in the estimated volume.

The LPG vaporizer destination is to convert the liquid phase of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) into the vapour phase, resulting from the use of vaporizers with electric heating. Vaporizer units can be equipped with one, two, three, or more electric vaporizers.

The installation of vaporizers provides for the operation of both one and several vaporizers in parallel. Therefore, the unit capacity can vary depending on the number of simultaneously operating vaporizers.